Welcome to the Mediana E-Learning Resource for the Mediana A15 HeartOn Automatic External Defibrillator!

You do not need to be trained to use the Mediana A15 AED, as it is designed for untrained personnel. It talks you through the steps and directs you clearly through the steps and will never shock a casualty unless it is needed. However, training in this area can save valuable time and rids of any confusion in the event of finding a casualty having a Cardiac Arrest.

This E-learning course has been designed to be as simple as possible for people with little knowledge of First Aid, giving the information in bite size sections that can be easily remembered. You will be guided through four units;

Unit 1: Findind a Casualty having a Cardiac Arrest
Unit 2: Airway, Breathing, Circulation
Unit 3: Using the Mediana AED A15
Unit 4: After the defibrillation of the Casualty.

After watching the short animated video for each section, you will have to answer relevant questions on the section to make sure that you have understood the information correctly before you can move onto the next section.

All information included in this E-Learning Resource has been based on the guidelines of:
The European Resus Council and The UK Resus Council

PLEASE NOTE: There are slight variations in operating features of the Mediana A15 and A16 Models. Students who own an A16 Model who want to do the e-learning course will still benefit greatly regardless of this, but are advised that instructions in the course apply exclusively to the A15 Model. For the greatest benefit, students who own the A16 Model should refer to the operating manual which clearly explains the slight difference.